Soundchaser on tour supporting RAGE

Is obviously not a secret about my passion and love for Rage… I started listening to this band when I was 18; The first song I heard was “In A Nameless Time” from the album Lingua Mortis (1996). In Venezuela Back then,used to be very difficult to find european metal, had to be through the friend of a friend, who can find you a copy of the cassette of any european metal band. anyway… my friend Jorge Romero (from my former band Torre de Marfil) found the “Lingua Mortis” CD and we spend the whole night listening to it and drinking red wine … like 4 times in a row :) … but back then in 1998, Rage was about to release the XIII album, and I still remember that little preview on their website of the song From the cradle to the grave

I became into a diehard fan of Peavy and his music, I bought most of the Rage’s albums at once and I discovered their entire career, and even nowadays I still collecting those rare editions of news and old albums!

Just to name a few of my favourites songs:

*Changes (Sign of Heaven/Incomplete/Turn the Page)
*Saddle The Wind
*Gentle Murders
*Empty Hollow (Entire)

and so on, and on…  I like them all actually!

My love is that big for this band that in my left arm I’ve a Tattoo of Rage XIII and the Soundchaser of “End of All Days“…

Rage has been a huge influence on my music, (just look at the name of my band… ;)) so just imagine how do I feel to share with all of you this lovely news on their 30th anniversary…



Im really happy because I saw my photo on the Engl amps Facebook site….

Yesterday I was watching the documentary Apocalypse -The WWII (I’m kind of freak of the WWII and the entry history details!), when suddenly I get this notification from Engl amps Facebook in my iPhone…. WHAAAT!!?? My photo was there with my new amp!. I just jump of the sofa , I couldn’t believe it! … wow!… what a rush!… :) :)

Amazing surprise … Everything started to change from good to awesome with Soundchaser!… and I’m living that change right now!…



This years continues with good news! My first endorsement! Megafaidel with the line E·Ǝ Pedals. Really amazing job by Fidel Rodriguez, the mastermind of the company! Soon I’ll be doing some videos showing up the pedals and how cool they are!…

Here’s the Link from E·Ǝ like Official ambassador in Europe!! (spanish)

Thanks to Megafaidel for the endorsement, help and promo!

Marcos Megafaidel

Blogging again :)

Hi guys … its been a while since I post anything on my blog, so here I am ..I’ve been busy working with difference projects and I really haven’t had the chance to spend some time writing some lines in here!

Things are going well in Belgium, Im playing almost every weekend with the cover bands “The Apes”  in different Pubs and some Motorbikes Clubs (very successful on this ones ;)) … also with Acoustica (no site… sorry!)… just Tom (Soundchaser) and I playing some acoustic songs in my funny way! ;)

This year (again) I’ve been in the Musikmesse 2014 in Frankfurt, with some friends trying different gear and meeting some great artist and friends Im doing during this adventure of Rock n’ Roll!

IMG_7498 IMG_7502





I recently had a private class with Victor Smolski to share some time playing and learning some technique to develop a bit more my skills on the guitar and also on the composing level… What could I say?, not just a terrific guy, a really nice and charming professor, without complicate to much the way to play guitar, just the way I like… all from the heart! (using some theory of course) … I’m expanding my music vocabulary every day taking a piece of here and there of my favorite musician!.. so was a great experience!

Im on a really great inspiring “muse” for composing, I got like 5/6 new songs for Soundchaser, very different compared with the music of  “Changes Part I” … actually the next SC album won’t be the Part II, that will be in a future… I thing this album will be more straight and “in your face” metal album.  the next album will be like : Hit the fist on the table!… harder than ever!!

Here’s some Pics of SC live in Hertenrock Fest, Belgium 2014

1599157_778683418822129_6201019039118764252_o 1980351_778684298822041_675532556055055243_o 10321192_778683235488814_7810353441539631505_o 10344332_778683488822122_1628817323820301149_o 10257399_778683602155444_4901021132471811239_o








Things are looking good for SC finally!!!… The work never ends. I’m working really hard (beside the music) to give you a big news soon!… Is hard, but not impossible :)

SC: we have new gear, new spirit and we are extremely exited to play live our tunes!, we have a couple of good gigs coming this year, (and hopefully more to come) but the must important one will be the Sep 13th at Olensfest (Belgium) along with Saxon, Paul Di’ Anno and Uriah Heep (What a line up!!!).


Soon I’ll show you our new gear and what we are using for live and record… stay tuned is HEAVY AS HELL!

Thanks for take the time to read this post!

Soundchaser “Changes Part I: The Betrayed”

Near nine minutes of the forthcoming album “Changes Part I: The Betrayed”


Soundchaser 2013

Lobo 2013 (Ft. Joan Pabón)

Siguiendo con la nostalgia de hacer Metal en nuestro idioma, he decidido re-grabar un tema que gustó mucho dentro del panorama del Rock Nacional Venezolano, de la banda Torre de Marfil : LOBO!!

En esta grabación cuento con la colaboración de un talentoso músico y gran vocalista Venezolano: Joan Pabón de la banda Aphelium

Definitivamente Este tema merecía una actualización de grabación y sonido, y gracias a la nueva tecnología ha sido posible lograrlo!

Quiero agradecer profundamente a Joan Pabón por ayudarme a rescatar este tema tan querido por mi y por los fanáticos del Metal Venezolano.

Espero lo disfruten.

Q&A by MR

Some of the questions the SCF have been asking for a while!

Panic Attack Ft. Marcos Rodriguez

(english) Well Boys and Girls! .. here is another teamwork!

Most of you know that I’m a DT fan!.. I hope you like this cover form Panic Attack and myself … please share, LIKE THEIR FB SITE… and enjoy!

(español) Mi Gente!!! … Como muchos de Uds. saben, soy fan de DT a muerte!!! esta es la primera de mis colaboraciones con la gente de PANIC ATTACK desde Holanda … porfa compartan, ME GUSTA EN FB… y disfruten!

(ducht) Godverdomme!!!, deze Rocks! :D :D


This September 14th 2013 I will be singing (as a guess) with the band Firefore. For me is an HONOR to share stage with this guys! is just for one gig only!

FireForce is a PURE FUCKING METAL band… in your face!!! and also I was Born to play Metal! so I’m so happy 1000% heavy metal on a stage… you can listen to their music on Spotify! or buy it on iTunes

This will be for one gig only with me as a guess vocalist so if you got the chance to go, don’t miss it the address is:

GESROCK FESTIVAL  (Industrieterrein Hulshout)
Zuidgoordijkstraat 6 Hulshout – Be


Cantos de Victoria II (Guerreros de Rohan)

Para todos los Fanáticos de Torre de Marfil… hoy me he inspirado y compuse un tema EN ESPAÑOL, inspirado en CANTOS DE VICTORIA… pues he escrito CANTOS DE VICTORIA II (GUERREROS DE ROHAN) … siguiendo la linea de CDV original, el Señor de los anillos… y si… es muy BLIND GUARDIAN!! … no se puede escribir nada relativo al Señor de los Anillos sin sonar a BG! ;)

La canción liricamente habla de los guerreros de Rohan en la migración y batalla en MINAS TIRITH …

Espero les guste!



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